Dudley-Hoffman Mortuary, Crematory & Memory Gardens

As the communities we serve have grown, so have the customized services and facilities at Dudley-Hoffman Mortuary. Today, our Mortuary, Crematory, and Memory Gardens occupy approximately 2.5 acres at East Stowell Road in Santa Maria.  
Here, families and friends can gather in three visitation rooms and conduct services in our beautiful chapel that seats 200. Our Memory Gardens, which were built in 1978, feature a landscaped cemetery for cremated remains, 24 outdoor-garden crypt niche banks, two indoor glass-front niche rooms, and our “Tower of Light.” 
The “Tower of Light”, located within the walls of the Memory Gardens, has four walls with 27 levels designed to temporarily or permanently house cremated remains.

Since 1876

FD# FD56